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Batteria Toshiba PA2522U - 8800 mAh
  • Batteria Toshiba PA2522U - 8800 mAh

Batteria Toshiba PA2522U - 8800 mAh

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Sizes: 20,6*9,32*2,26
Box: 1
Color: Black
Certificate: CE
Comp. brand: GSA
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This laptop battery can replace the following part numbers:

    PA2522U PA2522U-1BAS PA2522U-1BRS

This laptop battery is also compatible with the following models:


Satellite 2450 Series Satellite 2450-101 Satellite 2450-114
Satellite 2450-201 Satellite 2450-202 Satellite 2450-401
Satellite 2450-S103 Satellite 2450-S203 Satellite 2450-S303
Satellite 2450-S402 Satellite 2455 Series Satellite 2455-S3001
Satellite 2455-S305 Satellite 2455-S306 Satellite A20-S103
Satellite A25 Series Satellite A25-S207 Satellite A25-S208
Satellite A25-S279 Satellite A25-S2791 Satellite A25-S2792
Satellite A25-S307 Satellite A25-S3072 Satellite A25-S308
Satellite A40 Series Satellite A40-S161 Satellite A40-S1611
Satellite A40-S200 Satellite A40-S2001 Satellite A40-S270
Satellite A40-S2701 Satellite A45 Series Satellite A45-S120
Satellite A45-S1201 Satellite A45-S1202 Satellite A45-S121
Satellite A45-S1211 Satellite A45-S130 Satellite A45-S1301
Satellite A45-S150 Satellite A45-S1501 Satellite A45-S151
Satellite A45-S1511 Satellite A45-S250 Satellite A45-S2501
Satellite A45-S2502    

Type: Li-ion
Replace: toshiba PA2522U-1BAS
Voltage: 10.8V
Capacity: 8800mAh
Color: Black
Dimension: 206*93.2*22.6 mm
N.W.: 722g