Range extender wireless 300Mbps a muro 1porta LAN Tenda A301
  • Range extender wireless 300Mbps a muro 1porta LAN Tenda A301

Range extender wireless 300Mbps a muro 1porta LAN Tenda A301

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Box: 60
Color: White
Certificate: CE RoHS FCC
Comp. brand: Tenda
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Punti di forza del Tenda A301 Wireless N300 Universal Range Extender

  • Velocità di trasmissione Wireless fino a 300Mbps
  • Compatibile con dispositivi 802.11b/g/n
  • Supporto criptazione WEP,WPA e WPA2 per il massimo livello di sicurezza
  • Design dal minimo ingombro per montaggio diretto a muro
  • 2 antenne esterne e modalità Range Extender Mode boost WiFi per raggiungere cortile, portici e garage
  • Indicatore LED di segnale che aiuta a trovare la migliore collocazione per la ripetizione del segnale wireless
  • Il modo più semplice per espandere la copertura di rete wireless semplicemente premendo un bottone

Tenda A301 - Wireless Range Extender

Make your router's Wi-Fi signal reach your backyard with this wireless range extender and comfortably stream YouTube videos on your hammock.

Easy to Use

Get a strong Wi-Fi signal on your smart device even when you're in a room that's distant from your router. Simply press your router's WPS button and the A301's range extender button to increase and optimize your Wi-Fi's range in 2 minutes. Two external antennas help in maximizing Wi-Fi coverage.

Wall-mountable Design


The wall-mountable design of the A301 allows you to conveniently plug it into any power socket in your house. You don't have to configure this device as long as it is wirelessly connected to your router.

Smart Signal Indicator

The Smart Signal Indicator feature helps you find the most ideal location for this range extender. Place this device in a location where the signal indicator displays green for best results.

Transmission Rate

This range extender hits transmission rate of up to 300 Mbps.